“Join the Startup Act movement ”

By joining the Startup Act movement, you will be helping us drive awareness for the development of policy that encourages the growth and development of innovative and high growth enterprises in South Africa. As a cornerstone of our country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, the Startup Act will play a key role in supporting South Africa’s high growth entrepreneurs and people and will in turn encourage job creation and socio-economic development.


The vision is largely to see an ecosystem environment in South Africa where innovative high growth startups are not highly constrained because of policy.

Our mission 

Unlock the full potential of entrepreneurial skills of the people in South Africa through policy alterations or additions;
Promote the growth of new innovative enterprises via incentives of a startup act that is supportive of them;
Create a fair and accessible framework that can identify growing and promising enterprises;
Clarify the responsibilities of the Ministry charged with administering the requirements of the Act.

Our partners  

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